Meditating with Hot Miss Piggy and FrankenSwine

Mule Skinner

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Ego Primo—Swineus Maximus

...A drinking club with a hunting problem

Swinedog Muzzleloader

There’s a Fungus

Among Us


Headline reads: Camp Councellor seen in the wilds of the Adirondack Mountains elated to find a phallic shaped snack

Chairman of the Boar’d

Holding a boar’d meeting with key members of the club.  (Notice the sign—Rag Point Road   I think one of our swine took that literally last year!

Monkey Squirrel

This is a simulated Monkey Squirrel.  Real ones show up shortly after ingesting hydro grown herbs.  Tricky beast … only one person has ever seen a Monkey Squirrel.